V (1984) by NBC Compared and Contrasted with 2009 Reboot

Holy cow. It’s now an oldy. The newbie is now an oldy, and to spite the primitive CGI, it is still very watchable, and completely free to watch with ads on Tubi.

Can’t believe it’s been 14 years since the reboot of V, which I remember the original when I was kid. I’m just getting around to watching it…because it lacked the power of the original. V was probably one of the best TV mini-series I can recall. And it all started back in 1983. Aside from the brilliant casting and likable villain casting of Anna (and a homage to the original cast)….and that “trust no one” vibe– which is completely apropos of today. It lacks the drama of the original. From what I remember there was a build-up to the reveal. And the parallels against fascism gave resonance to the original story. Here, it almost feels like it’s cooler to be the bad guy.

I’m not far into it, and I hope I can keep interest until the end. One thing that seems very disturbing about this version is the casual way these aliens shack up with humans without disclosing they are lizard people. That raises all sorts of ethical and moral questions. I mean, really. #MorrisChestnut is always a very good actor to watch and he adds depth to the storyline. Still a fun watch.


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