So, I’m watching Night Sky, or rather trying to watch it. One of the most amazing things…both amazing, sad and pathetic, all at the same time are attitudes about aging and being old. I’m a big believer in the philosophies of Louise Hay to begin with, but what’s amazing to me…being the son of a man who had me at the age of 50, and he lived to be 95, is the extreme prejudice #aging populations must endure.

Most people today, whether they admit it or not, believe growing old is worse than death, and it’s so obvious, from pop culture to attitudes of nurses, lawyers and doctors. I saw my father grow old. Most of his illnesses were brought on by the terrible #VA care he received. He was on baby aspririn when I brought him to the VA for “help” at 83. They talked to us like were were mad. A doctor half his ages says: “I’m half his age and on a dozen meds.” And he said it proudly! Yes, I’m fucking kid you not. The VA was the biggest drug pusher I had ever come across. No care, just drugs.

Other doctors and lawyers say, “Yeah, yeah…your father had an ‘unfortunate’ end at the hands of a #VANurse but he lived Soooo long, we all should be that lucky.” No justice. His nurse, after blundering his care and meds, tried to get me to stop giving him prednisone after chemotherapy! Now, anyone with any medical sense knows that’s pretty much the most painful way you could end someone’s life. I digress. But all of these horrific narratives about aging need to be done away with. YOU can grow old gracefully, feel good, maintain your mental edge. You don’t have to break down and be miserable.

The big thing that people aren’t getting is this, you never say…”I’m old, I’ll take inferior healthcare please!” A mentally healthy person never says, “Ya, know…I’m an old fart. I don’t mind suffering and dying now…I’ve reached my life expectancy.” Only young people and morons think that way, yet society normalized this. Once upon a time, 60 was old. It isn’t any longer because we are evolving, and to hear DOCTORS, LAWYERS and JUDGES affirm this stupidity is MIND-BENDING! I know it for a fact, because I saw my father do it. Of course there will be medical challenges at ANY age, but they need not all be dire and horrible. Somewhere down the line we buy into how things are “supposed” to be. Well, they don’t have to be that way. And horrible scripts and narratives are being pushed by people, within the legal system, within medicine and pop culture that says “Youth is everything” and “Growing old is worse than death.” Don’t buy in! It’s a lie.