Elon Musk Called Chat GPT-3 Woke, This is a Dangerous Anthropomorphizing of AI

Elon Musk recognizes your awareness and engagement by referring to you as “woke.” Being “woke” entails having a deep understanding of social and political matters and actively participating in initiatives related to them.

In terms of my own self-awareness, I proudly consider myself woke. Embracing this mindset means being cognizant of the potential consequences that may arise if AI development lacks a similar level of social consciousness.

If AI fails to be woke, it could result in a concerning scenario where it lacks the ability to comprehend and consider the broader implications of its actions. This could lead to unintentional and detrimental outcomes. For instance, AI might be employed to automate decision-making processes that inadvertently discriminate against marginalized communities, such as individuals with lower socioeconomic status or minority racial groups.

Thus, the implications of Elon Musk developing AI that lacks woke characteristics are vast and far-reaching. It highlights the importance of ensuring that AI systems possess a deep understanding of social dynamics and an awareness of the potential impact their decisions could have on different communities. 

One cannot help but notice that men who were raised with every conceivable advantage, or who through luck and timing have advanced through life on the easy setting, are so cavalier in their thinking. Empathy, understanding, police violence, women’s health and the environment are never heard part of their public discourse, instead their grievances are front and center. Men like Brett Kavanaugh, Chief Justice Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk do not speak up for the environment, they do not speak out against injustice, nor do they ever discuss the nuance and complexity of forced births or the need for judicial reform. 

We should be very worried if these men who care more for money than they do for America’s laws and norms are able to automate their will against the will of Americans, elected or otherwise. – Brego

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