Prayer for Dealing with Difficult People

“There is an Infinite Intelligence that creates and expands all of Life. This Infinite Intelligence is the Source of all Good and the example of Perfect Wisdom. It knows exactly what to do, when to do it and who to include in the never-ending expansion of Love and Life. My life is a product of this Infinite Intelligence and I have been created in Its image. Therefore, immeasurable Intelligence and the deepest Wisdom are already and always within me. I know that I am fully equipped to handle any and every situation I experience. I refuse to be distracted by doubt, fear, anger or confusion. I know there is no experience, no person and no action that can block me from the Intelligence within. I choose, right now, to turn away from old stories and false beliefs. I choose, right now, to drop all illusions and false pretense. I choose to step into the unknown knowing I am guided, guarded and protected by Spirit. I surrender willingly. I surrender completely. I know that surrender is not giving up in hopeless despair. Surrender is simply releasing the delusion that I am in control and allowing the Divine to guide my every thought and action. Surrender is a joyful release knowing I am fully supported and every need is being met. I surrender to Love that has no boundaries. I surrender to the Wisdom of a Higher Power than never makes mistakes. I surrender into the Life that has no limits. And with the deepest gratitude for all that is, I take a breath. I completely release. And so it is.”